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Bond Hearings, Denton Criminal Attorney

If you are charged with a crime and are arrested, you will be brought before a magistrate (a judge who does procedural duties), and he or she will set bond. This initial bond amount is based solely on what the police and their "version" of your offense. You may be given a "surety bond." If this is the case you will need to contact a bondsman to assist you in posting this bond. My office will be more than happy to point in the right direction. A second option is a cash bond. This is a bond that you must post in case before the jail will release you. If abide by the terms of your bond, this money will be returned to you at the conclusion of your case, save and except for a few clerk fees. Lastly, you may be granted a "PR" bond. This bond will not require any out of pocket payment, but is not used in most criminal matters. If you are given a bond amount that is not affordable and you meet the statutory requirements for a bond reduction, we can help you. Please call us today so that we can go over your case with you and determine if what options you have for a bond reduction.

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