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Reasons People Commit Arson

By its very nature, arson is a dangerous, destructive act. A deliberately lit fire can consume both property and lives, with the flames destroying anything in their path. Not only can the fire engulf the property it was intended to destroy, but it can also spread to adjacent properties and cause massive, expensive damage. Naturally, people may wonder why someone would deliberately commit such a crime.

One of the most common reasons arson is committed is as an act of insurance fraud. In these cases, the criminals commit arson in an attempt to collect on the home, automobile, or business insurance they have on their property. It is common for insurance policies to provide compensation if the insured property is destroyed in a fire, so sometimes the siren song of insurance pay-outs is enough to tempt people towards crime.

Another common reason people commit arson is a little less calculated. Some people commit arson as a means of revenge, an ill-planned attempt to redress some insult or personal slight. Burning down somebody's house may be payback for some previous insult.

Some arsonists burn property in an attempt to destroy the evidence of a more serious crime, such as when drug dealers burn down drug labs to hide the evidence of a drug ring. Or someone might burn down a house that was used in a human trafficking cartel.

Still other arsonists set fire to property out of a sick compulsion. They are addicted to the thrill of power that comes with burning down someone else's property. But regardless of someone's motive for committing arson, if convicted, he will be facing a lengthy prison sentence.

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